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Photo Ideas

Have you ever looked through your feed on your camera and thought, "why don’t my pictures look as good as I thought they would in my head?" or "how can I get my pictures to look better?" Don’t worry, we all do it.

Today I am going to give you a list of must have photo ideas to use on your next vacation, at your next family get-together, or special occasion to make your pictures fun, meaningful and more pleasing to the eye.

1. Give your picture a "pop" of color and/or contrast. For example, if you rented a red car on vacation, park next to a grey or white building and snap a photo.

2. Shoot from a different angle. Photos don't always need to be straight on. Try an above or below angle to switch things up.

3. Add little memories to your photo. For example, take a photo of your ice cream cone in front of the famous ice cream shop

4. Make people look little. Shooting from far away or at an elevated location, making people look little gives your photo big impact.

5. Golden hour photos (when the sun is just over the horizon) are always a treasure.

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