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Golden Hour

You might have heard the term “golden hour” before in the photography world, but maybe not have totally understood it. The golden hour is the hour after sunrise, and hour before sunset every day.

During both of these periods of time, the sun is in prime position for taking pictures. The light is lower and softer, which makes less harsh shadows on the subject, and more even lighting.

It is also a great time to use the light in other creative ways. One of which is backlighting; when the sun is behind the subject but the subject is still exposed well enough to see them.

Another is silhouettes which is basically the same setup as backlighting, but the shot is underexposed so the subject is dark, creating an outline or “silhouette”.

Even shooting your subject with the light hitting them on their face will be so much better during this time of day.

here are many other ways to shoot creatively in the golden hour light, and fully take advantage of the most beautiful lighting every day.

Try it for yourself and watch how the “golden hour” makes the most of your images!

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