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Photo Art

You are planing your family photography session for weeks! You chose your favorite photographer (and lucky for you, she/he was available), you coordinated clothes for the whole family, even the hubby is on board (finally...), You are checking the weather every other day to make sure no drizzle will be on your way for the perfect picture and the day has come! Your family session was better then you thought it would be.

The pictures came out amazing! But you've asked only for the digital files, "No thank you, I don't need prints."

What a shame, all the planing and the hard work are in a file on C drive on your computer...

The Images we created together deserve a finished product that complements your beauty and stands the test of time!

You deserve a beautiful lasting reminder of your cherished moments.

Choosing just digital files is not the best representation of the photographers work.

So, what are your options? You must trust your photographer that he knows not only fluttering poses, light and attractive locations but also how and where to print your photos so your pictures will become a work of art.

My 3 tips for the great photo art:

1. Don't be afraid to go big

It is not easy to imagine how your picture would look on your walls and most of the time we choose a small print size assuming it is what we need.

Try to ask your photographer if he/she have samples of different sizes you can look at. Most of the time you will realize you need to go bigger.

11x14 inch

16x20 inch

30x40 inch

2. Luster finish

Luster finis is considered to be somewhere in between gloss and matte. Luster prints are slightly glossy, which helps enhance the image's color and details, but also feature a very fine "texture" to help reduce problems associated with glare and fingerprints.

3. A storyboard collage

You don't have enough room on your walls? Your apartment is small? (Hey, I get it, we live in NYC), why not try a Storyboard collage. Storyboard collage are Images in context and grouped with each other to Make a beautiful work of art.

So next time, before booking your session, ask yourself: "Where shall I hang our portraits?"

Maybe here?

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