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How to photography large families

With the summer just around the corner it is very common for family gatherings. Some are heading off on vacations together and some are just visiting and what a great photo opportunity it is. Taking pictures of large groups can be intimidating but with these 7 steps I will try to make it easier for you.

1. Location

Choose a location that will not distract from your subjects. There is already a lot going on with that many faces in the photo... a calm landscape like an open field is great.

2. Placing

Try to place everyone in one straight line, this will help you get everyone in focus.

3. Posing

Make sure you create connection through touch, especially if you are photographing a large family. Ask the family members to put their hands on one another or their arms around each other.

4. focus point

So, where will our focus point should be?

If we have a single row, make sure everyone is in line and put your focus point to the person standing in the middle. If you have more then one row, aim your focus on the first middle row as the focus falls back more then it falls forward.

5. Shoot in the Golden Hour

This is a good tip for every king of photographing. Shooting an hour after Sunrise and an hour before Sunset will prevent crazy shadows on your subjects faces.

The light at the Golden Hour is soft and warm and much flattering.

6. Take lots of shots You never know who decided to closes his/her eyes just as you took the picture. It is helpful to have a verity of pictures to choose from.

7. Take control!

Don't be afraid to take the lead and give directions. Now is not a good time to be shy!

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