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How to take good candid photos?

Playing and having fun is a good start for a candid photo

A candid photograph is a photo captured without creating a posed appearance. It is more about capturing the moment and emotion in that moment which can be somehow tricky to do...

So much emotion in that simple act of ticklish family fun

Here are few tips that can really prepare you for capturing those fleeting moments;

1. Always keep your camera ready!

The most important tip I can give you is that candid moments are captured when you least expect them to happen, so make sure your camera ready. Either you hold it in your hand or on you with a strap. You don't want to miss those special moments.

2. Photograph people when doing their everyday things

Little girls love to dance. Parents will cherish those moments for years to come.

When people are doing their own things it will make the picture much more interesting and stress free from the presents of the photographer lashing a camera in their face.

This picture was taken when I have just announced I am adjusting my camera settings for the next shot.

How natural and beautiful they look.

People look more calm and natural when they are not aware.

3. Use zoom lens

There are two main reasons for using a zoom lens in candid photography:

First reason If we talked about how people look more natural when they are not aware that they are being photographed, then a zoom lens is just perfect for it. You can stand far from your subject and adjust your lens to capture without being noticed.

Small moments goes a long way...

Second reason try to capture a family when each child runs to the other side of the frame and the parents are at the back.... only a open angle zoom lens can achieve such a situation.

When your subjects are starting to run towards you...

and then, from you...(-:

4. Think outside the box

Don't worry if people or objects are standing between you and your subject. Think outside the box and find the story in this situation

or find a cool new angle to photograph from.

5. take A LOT of photos!

Don't hesitate and don't hold onto your shutter button, you don't want to miss your perfect candid shot.

Candid style photography is becoming popular with professional and amateur photographers alike.

It tells a beautiful story in the most natural way. Have fun with it!

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