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Photography for kids (part I)

Summer vacation Is already here and we have to fined creative ways to keep our kids busy, interested, and away from electronics, so I created a fun, easy to follow steps - How to teach kids photography.

1. Motivation -

Electronics are a huge parts of their life and an addictive one...

I will start by saying that this is very important to get them motivated and hand them simple tools so they can get on board. Try not to overwhelm them details and make it as enjoyable as can be.

2. Project of the week -

Pick one project for that week and go from there... For example: 1st week - Our toys,

It would be nice to reminisce on these guys at an older age...

2nd week - whats on my plate

A very berry kind of a morning

3rd week - Nature around us, and so on...

3. Holding your camera -

There is confusion on what is the proper way to hold your camera, especially with kids, so how should you hold your camera? Use your right hand to grip the right hand end of the camera.Your left hand should support the weight of the camera, so either it should be underneath the camera or under/around a lens, if you are using a DSLR.

Well, lets face it. This camera is too big for her at this stage...

4. Visualizing what you are going to photograph -

Before we start teaching photography, we need to help our kids visualizing what they are going to photograph. What they see with their eyes is far more wider then what is that the camera can see.

Here is a cool and creative way to explain about the camera's Viewfinder:

cut a rectangular in the shape of a viewfinder out of a cereal box.

Give it to your child and tell him to run around "framing pictures". Correct the angels and explain how it would look like in an actual picture.

Next blog I will give more tips on how to teach photography to your kids. Make sure you wont miss it and if you have any more questions, leave a comment and I will get back to you. Happy summer y'all.

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