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Photography for kids (Part II)

In the last post we talked about how to get our kids motivated about photography by finding a weekly project and getting the whole family on-board. We talked about how to hold a camera - the proper way and visualizing the picture you are going to take.

Now we are getting a little bit dipper into photographing.

1. Taking sharp pictures -

It can be frustrating when your photos turn out blurry. There are few tricks that you can teach your kids to get clear, sharp photos.

* If you have a tripod or want to invest in an inexpensive one, that should do the work!

* A faster, chipper way - teach your child to sturdy himself against something.

Leaning against a wall is a great way

Leaning your elbows on a railing/table or any flat surface will help.

When you don't have to carry the weight of the camera, it is much more easier.

* Ask any photographer and he will tell you that before he presses on his shutter button, we take a breath in, hold it, press the shutter button and exhale. every little breath we take moves our body, therefore it is good to practice this technique.

2. Find a point of interest -

Unique pictures have interesting things in them - a focal point in which our eye goes too.

So, before hitting that shutter button, teach your child to look around and find something to focus on.

Well, maybe running after pigeons is not the best idea at this stage...

That one thing that will be the center of attention. This will help them think how to highlight the point of interest and create a story in the picture.

3. Practice -

Taking good pictures and understanding photography is not an easy thing. Not even for adults.

Sometimes the pictures that they will take will look nothing like they have been visualizing in their head, explain to your kids that even the greatest photographers agree that the more you practice, the better you get!

Practice, practice, practice and have lots of fun!

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