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5 Ways to look amazing in pictures

Who doesn't want to look amazing in their pictures? ! Here are some tricks I've gathered that will make you look better in your next photo session (or maybe in your next selfie).

Twist a little

Facing the camera makes our body looks wider Twisting the body makes a beautiful shape.

If you’ve ever worried about the camera adding 10 pounds, try this trick to lose 10 pounds instead. Twist your waist by turning one shoulder toward the camera and the other one away from it. This is a great angle to help anyone look slimmer.

Turtle Neck

Not a very good pose Beautiful long neckline

Push your neck towards the camera very slightly. This feels awkward, but from the camera’s perspective it doesn’t look awkward, instead it hides any chance of a double chin.

Avoid Direct Sun

Avoid the direct sun at noon. This will only create deep shadows under your eyes, nose and chin. Instead, look for some shade. The shade will illuminate your face evenly.

Be Yourself

You are so beautiful when you are you!

Try to forget there is a camera in front of you and just chat, play and be yourself as much as possible. You will be able to capture a much more natural expression.

Don’t Say Cheese

We all have said “cheeeese” in one too many pictures. To help your smile be more natural and genuine, think of a joke or try telling a few jokes with the person behind the camera.

Bonus Tip: Shoot From Above

Everyone looks better when the camera is just above the subject. So if you find yourself straight on, then just find something to sit on or squat a little lower.

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