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Double engagement session

I don't know what was it about this summer, but it felt like everyone got engaged! Seriously, almost everything I shot were engagement sessions... so, when I had the opportunity to take pictures of two couples who are friends and came from Israel to take some pictures in NY, I thought why not do them together?! How did my "Double Engagement" session went?

You need a group shot for them to share memories for years to come...

I suggested to have them done in Dumbo - Brooklyn, a beautiful combination of Brownstone and some greenery around.

A view of the river,

A glimpse of Brooklyn bridge,

And a lot of Manhattan's skyline!

It was very challenging taking two couples together to the same place and asking them to pose differently so their pictures wont look identical. How did I do it?

Simply, I was attentive! I listened to the way they talked to each other when we walked, I watched their gestures to one another and made artistic decisions as we progressed.

Best friends with so many similarities, yet so different

for me it was challenging and a learning experience,

for them, I hope it was just fun time with lots of happy memories.

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